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In Article 36(A)(a)(a)(i) in column 1, for the words `thirty-three months`, the words `sixty months` shall be replaced by the words `sixty months`. (ii) in columns 1 and 2, the words `eleven months` shall be replaced by the words `twelve months`. As of May 1, 2013, the new stamp duty rates will apply to leave and licence agreements. 1) In other words, if a document sets stamp duty 101 or more up to ₹149, then the payment is 100. 2) If the amount of stamp duty is equal to or greater than ₹150,199, the payment is ₹200. How to calculate stamp duty on holidays and license agreement in Maharashtra? We tried to explain it in a simple way, so it`s easy to understand. 1. (R) Rental 12000/- [Monthly rent] 2. (M) month 12 [months] 3. Mr.

12. Total rent =(R) x (M) 144000 = 12000 x 12 4. Mr President, my refundable deposit is 10% 10000 = 100000 x 10% 5. (NRD) Non-refundable deposit 24000/- 6. Mr Ta) Tax base = (RD) + (NRD) + (TR) 178000 = 10000 + 2400 + 144000 7. (TA) x 0.25% 8. (SD) Stamp duty = (TA) x 0 25% 445 =178000 x 0.25% 9. (RSD) Rounded stamp duty (as per subsection 2 of section 70 of the M.S.

Act, 1958) 400 (rounded stamp duty) PS. We are also open to businesses and owners who regularly need our service. Leave a message for Only dedicated professionals and lawyers offer you the best services when drafting your agreements. Stamp duty and registration duty are calculated and purchased on behalf of the parties (the licensor and the licensee) and are then submitted for approval by the Registrar. . . .