Vuvale Agreement

He had written earlier this year about the positive and intimate « family » relationship (vuvale) conveyed by the January 2019 agreement between Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe « Frank » Bainimarama and Prime Minister Scott Morrison. While climate change was discussed at the bilateral meeting, the focus was on completing the Vuvale Partnership Agreement. Morrison pointed to the strong relationships between people to invoke « vuvale. » Recognizing our close collaboration, we agreed yesterday to expand our bilateral relations with the Fiji-Australia Vuvale Partnership, an expanded and comprehensive agreement that will pave the way for deeper security, economic and people-to-people relations. Vuvale means « family, » and we are committed to working together as a family to strengthen our bond, expand our partnership, seize new opportunities and address common challenges. Officials will work in the coming months to finalize the text of the agreement. This has become a cornerstone of the Vuvale Partnership Agreement signed in Canberra by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and his Australian counterpart Scott Morrison. Australia and Fiji are strengthening their relations. Read more about the Vuvale agreement here Recently, Scott Morrison and Frank Bainimarama signed a « Vuvale » (i.e. family) agreement covering economic, security, cultural and sporting support. At the 2019 Pacific Islands Forum meetings, Morrison blocked efforts by small island states to secure unanimous support for a strong climate change declaration by refusing to support a statement calling for a ban on new coal mines and rapid emission reductions. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Prime Minister Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama met yesterday in Suva and reaffirmed the breadth and scope of the friendship between Australia and Fiji. We are natural partners with a long history of cooperation and common interests and values.

« For Fijians, the bonds that bind families together are sacred and unbreakable ties, » he said. « [This] requires an unprecedented level of understanding in the relationship between our governments. » Sport in particular is a shared passion. As part of Australia`s new Australia-Pacific Sports Linkages Program, the Australian government will support travel costs related to a Fijian team`s participation in the NSWRL Intrust Super Premiership in 2020. Fiji`s top athletes would participate in one of Australia`s most popular sporting events. We are also looking forward to the NR LNR games before the season in the Pacific, including a game in Fiji in 2021. To celebrate women in sport, the Australian government will work with Netball Australia to help the Fiji national team prepare for the Netball World Cup in the UK in July 2019 by supporting the country. . .